Good News from the Good Pitch

Good TimesWe’ve just arrived back in the office after a very successful few days at The Good Pitch.  Despite our pitching team (producer Karen Katz and director Mat Whitecross) being first up on stage in front of an audience of more than 200 people – not to mention the fact that Mat is currently trying to finish another film and Karen ran 5k on Sunday morning in support of these guys – the pitch went really well.

The Good Pitch is all about outreach and using films to empower social change.  We felt that Moving to Mars could challenge stereotypes and myths surrounding refugees, and inspire communities to create mutually beneficial, hospitable relationships with their refugee populations.  So this is what we decided to base our pitch around, asking for ideas and assistance in using the film for this purpose.

After our pitch, we received some great pledges of support from Refugee Action, Tearfund, the Refugee Council, The Karen Community Association and the City of Sanctuary campaign.   Despite this, our best endorsement of the day came from a participant who told us he’d watched the film with his seven year old daughter, and she’d loved it.  Who said only grown-ups like documentaries?

We left the pitch feeling more positive than ever about our outreach aims, with renewed partnerships and some interesting new ideas… and a huge list of funding forms to be completed (a necessary evil in a big sea of good).

We’re really grateful to BRITDOC, The Sundance Institute and Working Films UK for facilitating the pitch itself, and the pitch-training last weekend, without which we’d probably all have collapsed from pre-pitch jitters.  Also, huge thanks to Amnesty for hosting the event, and to all the other Good Pitchers – if any of you are reading this, it was great fun meeting you all and you should definitely stay in touch.  Yes, all of you.  Especially the ones with all the vodka.

And now, back to reality…


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  1. Good post. Hope to read much more great posts in the near future.

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