An Update from Moving to Mars

Mae La Camp So the Moving to Mars blog has hit its first stumbling block.  Whilst we might (and frequently do) have exciting news about the film, we’re still not allowed to announce any of it.  As a result, our office is a hive of excitement and activity, and our blog is as silent as the grave.  We’ll try to be a little more creative with our updates in future.

Some news we can share – last week, we held an outreach summit meeting with Working Films UK, The Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation and a number of NGOs, campaigners and strategists.  Some came to talk about refugee issues, others about community work, and others about Burma.  The idea behind the summit was to discuss how Moving to Mars might be useful to their work.  We all came out of the meeting with a huge heap of potential outreach ideas, and we’re now in cahoots with BRITDOC and Working Films, working out where to go next.  The summit really inspired us to be creative with our outreach plans, so huge thanks to all those who attended.  We’re looking forward to meeting (and working with) you more in the future.

There is very little more that we can actually share, unfortunately!  Our trailer is very close to completion, our website is still very much in the pipeline, and our news will be posted as soon as we’re allowed to start shouting about it.  Please watch this space!  Or, better still, watch some teaser clips from the film itself…


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